Your Guide To Buying Your Home Gun Safe


You're off to a great start considering you're reading this guide to buying your home gun safe. It’s an important part of gun safety and you should own one to protect your loved ones from misusing it and preventing accidents.

Why not just use a normal safe?

It's important to get a gun safe for your firearm for a few reasons. The first is that gun safes are built to securely store your firearm, while at the same time being able to have them opened at a moment's notice when needed.

Another reason is gun safes are much lighter than traditional safes (without sacrificing durability), so you can take them on the go. The final reason is gun safes are built with your firearm in mind and protect it from scratches and dents.

What gun safe should I get for handguns?

If you have a smaller handgun, then consider our popular portable gun safe. It is built to be taken on the go, yet ensuring that it can only be unlocked by you and other people ready to handle a firearm. It has a biometric lock that can program up to 100 fingerprints, so you can easily add people to it when needed.

It also has a backup key to open in case of an emergency. There's also mounting equipment and a durable 1500 pound strength cable to ensure it's properly secured. It comes in three fun designs in case you want to make a fashion statement.

If your gun is a bit larger - then consider getting the biometric gun safe. This model has similar features to the portable gun safe mentioned above but also has a backup USB charger in case the battery runs out, as well as a physical key. Both of these models have a quick open feature for fast access, internal padding, and a built-in LED light for night use.

For our fastest, no-frills option consider our portable gun safe lockbox. It uses a combination lock to open it and doesn't sacrifice itself when it comes to durability. It's made of high tensile steel and a similar strength cable to secure it someplace safe.

Those that have more than one handgun, or one resembling a hand cannon, then look no further with our biometric gun safe. It doesn't skimp on security features and offers either a biometric keypad or standard lock option to open your gun safe, leaving you no excuse when you need to open it. It also comes with similar padding and an LED light for low-light scenarios.

Do you have one for rifles?

For the hunter in you looking at rifles, no worries, we have you covered there as well. This large-capacity gun safe can hold several rifles securely with a keypad combination lock. There's also an emergency open feature, and if the wrong code is put in, an alarm goes off to notify you! It's also an easy setup to be installed where you see fit.

Take a look here for our complete offering and take advantage of our seasonal sale as well.

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