Things To Consider When Buying A Home Or Gun Safe


There are a lot of different factors and features to consider when buying a safe for your home or to keep your firearm secure. That is why WINCENT Safe has compiled a list of some of the more common things to consider. We want you to get the most value to keep your arms, goods, and memories safe and guarded so you can sleep easy at night. 

1. Purpose, Capacity, & Size

Not every safe is created equal. Some are designed for handguns and rifles, while others can fit a computer tower inside. Start off your safe buying journey by considering what you want to be stored. Is this going to be a safe just for your firearms, or will you want to put a few pieces of family jewelry inside as well? 

Measure out the space where you want the safe to be in your home before purchasing. Safes are heavy, and it can be inconvenient to ship and return these items, not to mention slow down the process of having your safe installed and ready to use when you need it the most.

2. Check the Fire & Durability Rating

You are far more in danger of a fire than a burglary. In fact, around 3,000 people die every year in a home fire than during a break-in. That is why having a safe that is appropriately rated to handle an intense home fire is essential to protecting your goods and firearms. You want a safe that has been properly tested like those at WINCENT.

The same is true for impact testing. If a thief does get their hands on your safe, you want it to be made of durable materials that will be next to impossible to open, so they don't get the satisfaction of getting your personal items.

3. Lock Type & Opening Time

A quality-made gun safe needs to have a lock type that is a deterrent to potential thieves and allows you quick access if you need your weapon to defend your family. Each of WINCENT's safes features systems that can be reliably opened at a moment’s notice, including options like biometric fingerprint technology, security codes, and specially designed emergency keys.

4. Installation

Be sure to pick up a WINCENT safe that includes a method for secure installation. You want an access point, metal cable, or specially made holes that secure the home or gun safe to the physical room, wall, floor, or structure. This way, if a thief does somehow break into your home while you’re on vacation, they are left trying to lift a safe that cannot be moved without ripping out an entire wall or floor.

The Benefits of a Biometric Fingerprint Technology

When buying a WINCENT safe, be sure to check out the latest biometric fingerprint technology featured on many of our home, gun, and rifle safes. These are specially designed to ensure only the people with programmed access can remove or add anything from the safe.

Biometric fingerprinting is an excellent way to prevent thieves from getting into your safe while also restricting younger family members from accessing a weapon or other item they are not legally ready to handle on their own.

If you are ready to improve your household with a quality made safe that can keep your precious items and weapons secured, why not check out the durable line of safes made by WINCENT. We have a solution to fit a wide range of needs and backup systems to ensure you can always get to the equipment you need to keep your home, family, and possessions well protected.  

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