How The Gun Safe Can Protect Your Family?


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We all have the right to protect ourselves. Our right is even greater when it comes to protecting ourselves and loved ones in the home. Our home is a place to be safe and to provide shelter and peace from the outside world.

Yet sometimes there's always a possibility that the safety can be broken, and we must be able to handle those situations and protect ourselves. Yet of course when it comes to owning a gun, there are additional precautions that need to be in place, and without them, there’s no point in owning a gun or having one in the home.

Gun safety first

Before even considering owning a gun, there are rules that need to be in place within the home. The gun is not a toy, and should only be handled by those adults where the gun is registered and no one else. Those that are registered should also pass certain gun safety training to ensure how to handle these dangerous items very well.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to keep the gun not chambered and without the magazine inside. For those that feel confident with the magazine inside, always ensure that the safety is engaged and it is still out of reach from those that are not experienced using such items.

Keep in mind that without this gun safety mentality, the gun itself can become more dangerous to family and loved ones than the protection that it offers. Not understanding that this is a potentially lethal weapon that needs to be handled by professionals can lead to dangerous and life-threatening situations.

That’s why it’s important for everyone in the household to understand the preliminaries of gun safety and that there is a gun in the home and there is no need for anyone to go near it, except the one that is properly trained using that specific weapon.

Proper storage

Don’t just have your gun in the dresser next to you, on the top shelf of your closet, or worse, under your pillow. It is a weapon that can easily be fired, especially depending on the type of trigger in the weapon, and if it’s loaded or not.

Don't just keep it in a shoebox and store it somewhere randomly until you forget about it. You don't want it accidentally dropping on your head when you're trying to move something or clean an area! That's why it's important to get a gun safe for your firearm.

Specialized safe for your gun and valuables.

These gun safes are specifically built to protect your most valuable items such as passports and possibly high-quality jewelry as well as protect your gun. One should not just use any old safe, where all the valuables are, because the point of a gun safe is to be able to quickly access the firearm when there is a potential threat entering your home and you wish to protect yourself.

They are built to be lightweight yet durable and be able to be opened very quickly for ease of access, instead of handling a safe lock that can take a minute or two to open.

Get the right fit

If you have a smaller pistol, you should consider our WINCENT Portable Gun Safe. It's perfect for smaller firearms and is portable to take with you in the car, or up to the cabin in the woods for some firearm practice. It features a programmable fingerprint lock that boasts up to 100 fingerprints if needs be and helps open up your safe exactly when you need it.

Additionally, it comes with a 1500 pound tensile strength cable so you can safely connect it to your desired location, or you can use the drill points to mount the case somewhere else. The lock is battery powered, so if you run out of battery and need to open it, there are keys that will enable you to override and open the safe when needs be. In addition, it comes with a foam interior to protect against scratches and an LED light for low light situations.

If you have a larger firearm, or two small pistols then consider our WINCENT Biometric Gun Safe For Pistols. This larger cousin to the portable gun safe comes with the same features as its smaller counterpart, with some additional benefits. It has a combination lock, in case your fingers aren't readable at the current time, and it also boasts an emergency USB charging port in case you run out of batteries, and cannot find your master keys quick enough.

These added features help you gain access to your firearm when needed in multiple ways, so you are able to protect yourself and your loved ones. To improve the response time sometimes needed in those unexpected dangerous situations, both gun safes have an auto-open feature so you can just open and the top pops out for easy access.

These cases are very durable and help prevent unauthorized access to your guns, especially from your children who seem to be endlessly nosey. Getting a gun safe is a minor purchase compared to how major the protection is. They are both built with high-density stainless steel so they're rustproof and one of the most durable materials out there, making it near impossible to break into them with conventional means. In case there are unauthorized attempts to open these boxes, an alarm goes off after several failed attempts either through the fingerprint reader, or the incorrect code for version 2.0.

In addition, you can remove the felt from either gun safe, in case you want to have extra storage space, for those extra magazines or some additional documents you want to keep safe and secure. We also offer colored variations for easy visibility, and to add some design, in case solid black isn't your preferred color option with the gun safe.  

Don't be afraid of guns

Guns, when used properly, are an excellent deterrent against undesirable situations. In the event of a break-in, a criminal will be more inclined to run when they see a professional handling a firearm in such a way, and will hopefully exit the premises without any consideration to return. There's a lot of news out there, and anecdotal information about guns causing more harm than good, and regardless of which side of that debate you may want to be on if you're going to handle a firearm, it's important that it's handled and not just treated like a kitchen utensil.

That means if you get a firearm and don't have a gun safe, then you are doing yourself an injustice when it comes to gun safety. A firearm should not always be out in the open, especially when not in use, and especially when it comes to our children, as we don't want to stamp out their curious minds, but we also don't want to add another potential danger to their world either.  We at WINCENT understand how important our right to have firearms is and want to provide you with all the possible options for not only handguns but larger firearms such as rifles, with proper and secure storage of them, so that all accidents can be avoided.  

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