Below FAQs are some common concerns of our customers, if you have other questions, please just send it to
There is an emergency key inside the package. You can open the safe by inserting the override key.
If you enter the wrong code or fingerprints over 5 continuously times, the safe will be in lock-down status in 5 minutes. And when pressing any button, the lights will be flash red. The safe is reliable and secure.
If you want to turn off the sound, you can press and hold the button 1 until the indicator light flashes blue once. And you want to turn on the sound again, just repeat the above operation.
No, you don't need to reset the code and fingerprints again. I have tried mine before, this safe has a memory function, really functional.
The gun safe will accept 4-6 digit code. You can follow the instruction to program the code. For more secure, I set a 6-digit password.
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